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Beatsource DJ Edits are adapted versions of tracks, made to help DJs mix seamlessly and creatively.

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All Beatsource DJ Edits are made from fully-mastered, studio-quality WAV files, sourced directly from the world’s top record labels.

Including over 100,000 exclusive DJ Edits from the DJcity Record Pool

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1 DEX3, djay (Algoriddim), DJUCED, Engine DJ OS (Denon DJ, Numark), future.dj.pro, rekordbox, Serato, Traktor, VirtualDJ
2 Not supported by Engine DJ OS (Denon DJ, Numark). DJ Platform Integrations only.


A DJ Edit is an adapted version of a track, made to help DJs mix the track easily and creatively with other tracks.

Beatsource carries many versions including extended intro and outro edits, clean versions, short edits, hook-first edits, transition DJ tools, acapellas, instrumentals, and more.

Yes, intro and outro versions are DJ Edits. Beatsource carries hundreds of thousands of intro edits of new and classic music.

DJ Edits are added to the Beatsource library daily. The current library holds approximately 100,000 edits.

While Beatsource does not have DJ Edits for every track, we are adding hundreds of edits daily. You can help us by requesting an edit for a particular track here.

Beatsource only carries edits that are created using original elements of the track. Non-official remixes and bootlegs are not currently available.

Beatsource DJ Edits are only available to Pro+ subscribers.  Upgrade your account to access DJ Edits.

“Clean” designates that the explicit language of a track has been removed. “Dirty” means the track has explicit language.

You can find DJ Edits in most Beatsource playlists. Many playlists feature DJ Edits exclusively.