Ever wonder what your
favorite DJ’s favorite tracks are?

Introducing: VIP Crates. We set out to shorten the distance between music fans and world-class DJs. A Beatsource exclusive, this new on-going playlist series is curated by some of the world’s most influential tastemakers, giving you insight into what gets them hype and ends up in their DJ sets.

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A curated insight into the sonic arsenal of world-class selectors, featuring:

Lil Jon

One of the most iconic figures in all of music, Lil Jon has gifted us with his personal crate of certified southern classics including hundreds of trill, twerk, and trap anthems. There’s no better authority on southern Hip-Hop than the King of Crunk.

Tay James

Tay James has been making a name for himself behind the turntables and on the microphone since age 16. In 2009 he became Justin Bieber’s tour DJ and has been traveling the world with the icon since. His crate features Hip-Hop classics that influenced his life and career.

DJ Amen

DJ Amen has been instrumental in bringing west coast Hip-Hop to the forefront of pop music and is currently Music Director for Los Angeles Hip-Hop station REAL 92.3. As one of the most influential record-breakers in the industry, his ongoing curation of this crate gives us a clear look at what’s popping on the west coast.


Known for his standout remixes and infectious club anthems, ZHU has continued to innovate and influence within the dance music scene. His crate features sexy and sultry dance hits synonymous with his trademark style.

Walshy Fire

Walshy Fire is one of the most innovative artists of the last decade, playing an instrumental role in ushering global sounds to a pop audience. His crate features big vibes from the Caribbean and African diaspora, including releases from his acclaimed group, Major Lazer.


EFN has been a staple in Hip-Hop since the early 90s. As co-host of Drink Champs, the most famous music podcast in the industry, he continues to have a massive influence on the culture. His crate features Hip-Hop inspired by his upbringing in Miami, and his record label, Crazy Hood Productions.


Javin has made a powerful impact on the open-format DJ scene over the last few years. As one of the premier resident DJs on Pitbull’s Globalization Radio on SiriusXM, she brings world-class DJ skills to millions of listeners weekly. Her crate features high-energy dance hits perfect for keeping your audience hype.

Sak Noel

Hailing from Barcelona, Sak Noel’s fusion of electronic and Latin music has put him at the forefront of this global movement. His collaborations with artists like Sean Paul, Lil Jon, Pitbull, Madonna, and Maroon 5 have earned him GRAMMY nominations and IDMA awards.

Craig David

With over 15 million records sold, legendary artist Craig David has been a staple in the music scene for decades. DJing under his TS5 brand, he’s created renowned pool parties, successfully selling out venues worldwide. His crate contains personal Hip-Hop, R&B, and dance favorites.

Joel Corry

With a string of Top 10 hits over the past 3 years, Joel’s most recent 2020 single “Head & Heart” went straight to the #1 spot on UK radio. His crate contains select favorites from the UK dance scene.

Nathan Dawe

After the success of becoming #1 on the UK Dance charts with “Flowers,” Nathan followed up with “Lighter” and “No Time For Tears,” both successfully charting and working their way into DJ’s sets. Check out his crate to see his favorite latest releases.

James Hype

As one of the most popular open-format DJs globally, James has gained fame through his dance remixes and bootlegs, which are played by DJs all over. His crate features some of his biggest hits and personal favorites.

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