Learn how to set up Beatsource in DEX3 with these quick tips:

Connect Beatsource to DEX3

  1. Open DEX3.
  2. In the Global Browser (bottom left column) scroll down to Beatsource.
  3. Right-click the Beatsource directory to login.
  4. In the pop-up window, type in your username and password and click “login”.
  5. You’re now connected to Beatsource!

Using the Beatsource catalog in DEX3

  1. In the Global Browser (bottom left column) click the Beatsource directory.
  2. Click on Search in the Global Browser, then type your criteria in the field above the Sidelist/Automix section.
  3. You can load any of the results into a deck for instant playback.
  4. Click on Top Tracks to browse Beatsource’s most popular songs.
  5. Click Beatsource Playlists to browse curated playlists from our team of DJs.
  6. That’s it! You’re ready to rock.

Discover our playlists

Beatsource has created hundreds of custom playlists for you to DJ with. Load any of our playlists into DEX3 with these simple steps:

  1. Go to Beatsource.com and log in.
  2. Go to the Beatsource Playlist page and click on the playlist you would like to add to your library of saved playlists.
  3. Click “Save To Library” to add the entire playlist to your library, or click “Add To Playlist” to add it to an existing playlist.
  4. Go back to DEX3 and refresh the Beatsource directory.
  5. The playlist will appear in your DEX3 Global Browser under My Playlists
  6. You can add or remove any tracks from this playlist from the “My Library > Playlists” section of Beatsource.com.

Create your own playlists

It’s easy to create and update your own custom playlists. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Login to Beatsource.com.
  2. Find a track that you would like to start your playlist with and click the down arrow next to the price.
  3. Click “Create a playlist” to start a new playlist, or “Add to playlist” to add to an existing playlist.
  4. For new playlists, enter a name and click “Save”.
  5. If adding to an existing playlist, check the box next to each playlist that you want the track added to.
  6. You can view your playlists by clicking the “My Library” icon in the top bar, next to your cart.
  7. From here, you can edit your playlists by changing their names, or by adding or removing tracks.
  8. Once you’ve built your playlist, go back to DEX3.
  9. Right-click on My Playlists and click refresh. Your playlist will appear.

How to use the offline locker in DEX3

Offline locker storage is available for Beatsource PRO+ subscribers only.

Beatsource is the only streaming service that allows DJs to store music offline for playback without an internet connection. To add tracks to your locker, follow these simple steps:

  1. In DEX3, expand the Beatsource directory in the left browser.
  2. Find a track by using the search bar, or select from the categories within the Beatsource directory.
  3. Right-click on the track you would like to offline, and click “Download to Offline tracks”.
  4. The track will now appear in the “Offline Locker” folder.
  5. You can store multiple tracks offline at once by batch-selecting them and following the same steps.
  6. You can now play any track in this folder, even without an internet connection!

DEX3 compatible hardware

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