No more takedowns.

Record and host your live DJ sets without takedowns.

Record, host, and distribute your DJ sets, legally.

When using Beatsource LINK, the recording feature of the DJ software is automatically disabled. To solve this problem, we teamed up with Mixcloud to offer LINK users a direct way to record live DJ sets and host them on Mixcloud’s fully licensed platform.

Mixcloud Pro users can use Mixcloud Live to route the audio from Serato DJ directly to Mixcloud. Once you finish live streaming, the audio from your set is automatically saved as a draft on your Mixcloud profile. Just add a description and artwork and you’re ready to publish your mix.

What you’ll need:





How it works:

Learn how to install iShowU Audio Capture here.

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Yes, Mixcloud is a licensed service that has agreements in place with many rights holder partners around the world including: major record labels, independent record labels, publishers, distributors, performance rights organizations, collective management organizations, and more.

We’d recommend using an internet connection with at least 3 Mbps upload speed to ensure seamless streaming of both audio and video.

Yes, by using Mixcloud Live studio you can stream with just a webcam and a microphone. To find out more about using Live studio, see our guide here.

No there are no limits currently set for how long a stream can be. However, we’ve seen that streams lasting longer than the usual Mixcloud show tend not to have as many viewers overall.

Also, our system will cut streams at the 8 hour mark to make the system work better, resulting in a refresh every 8 hours. If you are planning to do a stream for longer than 8 hours we’d recommend checking that your broadcasting system will automatically reconnect at this point.

Note that the saving of streams has a limit of 6 hours so shows over 6 hours long will not be completely saved.

Yes, we will save up to 6 hours of the audio from your stream. You can find out more here. Please note that, as a primarily audio platform, we won’t be archiving the video content from your stream at any point.

Remember that you can record your stream using your streaming software or your usual Mixcloud show recording software.

It can take up to 20 minutes for the recorded mix to populate on your profile page. You also need to record for at least 15 minutes for the recording to save.

Serato’s “Make Audio Available to Other Applications” feature allows Mixcloud to receive an audio signal directly through Google Chrome. We will be looking to add more software integrations as they add this ability.

You can learn more about installing the iShowU Audio Capture device here.

Mixcloud Pro only archives the audio component of your recording. While the video portion can be live-streamed, it cannot be archived.  For an explanation of why Mixcloud doesn’t offer video-on-demand, please read here.

You need to use Serato DJ Pro 2.5.1 or Serato DJ Lite 1.5.1 or later.  You can download them here.