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A free webinar on how to thrive as a DJ in 2021.

Let’s be real.

After almost two years of being sidelined, DJs are finally getting back to work and a lot has changed. New technologies have emerged giving DJs access and exposure like never before. DJs can earn a living by mixing from their bedroom instead of the room of a club. And while some DJs have successfully pivoted, others are lost, unsure of how to navigate the new digital landscape.

Let us help.

To help DJs grasp this digital revolution, we linked up with Serato to offer a free webinar. We’ll discuss how DJs can use new technology such as streaming to build and maintain a DJ career. You’ll hear from industry representatives and popular DJs who are willing to give up their keys to success.

Let’s talk about:

Music streaming with Beatsource LINK

DJs have been getting music the same way for decades. Learn why Beatsource is revolutionary and can change the way you DJ.

Live streaming with Serato DJ

Serato makes it easy to livestream your DJ sets. We’ll show you how to get up and running so you can broadcast your skills.

How DJs can monetize + earn income outside of the club

Get practical pro tips from experienced DJs who are killing it on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Dates + Speakers


Bella Fiasco
Cleveland Terry
Matt Perry
Styles Davis


Nick Spinelli
OP Miller
Styles Davis


Andy Purnell
DJ Blakey

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